• CNC Plasma Cutting Machine With Pipe Cutting
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine With Pipe Cutting
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine With Pipe CuttingCNC Plasma Cutting Machine With Pipe Cutting

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine With Pipe Cutting

  • Model:TNC-1212,TNC-1325,TNC-1530,TNC-1540,TNC-1560,TNC-2030,TNC-2040,TNC-2060
  • Optional:Tube Cuting
  • Electrics:Schneider Electrics - Germany(Travel switch & Limit switch)
  • CNC System:F2300A Shanghai Fangling
  • Product description: Model:TNC-1212,TNC-1325,TNC-1530,TNC-1540,TNC-1560,TNC-2030,TNC-2040,TNC-2060

cnc plasma cutting machine With Pipe Cutting

Main features:
  1. The machine is desktop gantry structure with double-side drive. X & Y axes track are precise cylindrical linear guide rails, precise gear and rack drive, runs stably.
  2. Machine frame adopts the whole welding and annealing treatment, main frame is made by medium-sized steel pipe through welding; rail base plates are made through the planer precision processing, high strength, good precision and no deformation.
  3. Crossbeam, side panels and all movable parts are made by aluminum alloy through fine casing and milling, with features of high strength and small inertia, ensuring the high strength and avoiding the cutting positioning instability caused by high inertia.
  4. Adopting HP105 portable arc-pressure height regulator which can automatically regulates the height between cutter and plate to ensure the cutting quality. Scientific structure can effectively avoid collision between cutting head and steel plates owning to reaction rate cannot matches with that of cutting head.
  5. Specimen closed environmental bottom groove and dust treatment system timely discharge dust and provides a healthy working environment for workers.
Standard Configuration:
  1. Shanghai Fangling F2300A CNC system
  2. X-axis Y-axis using linear track, Z-axis using ball screw
  3. HIWIN ball screw and polished rod, control accuracy 0.05mm
  4. Movable operation system
  5. FASTCAM/SMARTCUT CNC cutting software
  6. Japanese Panasonic P80 cutting head
  7. X-axis with double motor drive, Y-axis single motor drive
  8. France Schneider electrics
  9. Safety standard(2006/42/EC)
cnc plasma cutting machine

cnc plasma cutting machinecnc plasma cutting machinecnc plasma cutting machine

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